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Video logs from my previous projects

Model Predictive Local Motion Planning With Boundary State Constrained Primitives

Two supplementary experiments:

Follow hand movement (supplementary experiment 1) 3:36 Dynamic obstacle avoidance (supplementary experiment 2) 4:18 

Original experiments in the paper's figure:

Complex environment navigation (Fig. 10) 0:08

Following moving reverence (Fig. 11) 0:41

Sensor-based navigation in an unknown environment (Fig. 12) 1:29

Performance of UAV calligraphy in Singapore Airshow 2014

Brought to you by the NUS UAV Research Group, 2014.

Autonomous transition through dynamic programming

Autonomous transforming between fix-wing and rotor-craft modes.

Horse racing filming with an autonomous drone

Project for the Singapore Turf Club

Entertaining Events using multiple drones

A project for the opening ceremony of the rotor-craft Asia exhibition

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